Organifi Complete Protein - Protein & Vitamins In One Shake
People of all walks of life are becoming more aware of the need for more protein in their diets.  Organifi's Complete Protein may be the answer you are looking for.  
So, what makes Organifi Complete Protein different from any of the other meal replacements and protein powder products on the market?

The company behind this protein shake refer to it as your “2-in-1 protein and multivitamin shake”. This is because, along with protein, you also get a good dose of your daily vitamins – and it’s all from plant-based ingredients.

If you need a better solution for adding protein and vitamins to your diet, then learn more about Organifi Complete Protein. Find out what makes this meal replacement a very healthy alternative to breakfast as well as other meals in your day.

What is Organifi Complete Protein?

Organifi Complete Protein is similar your standard protein powder. You simply mix  
it with water or milk and it's ready to drink. But, it’s different from most of the other options in one major way…

It includes a variety of vitamins and nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids from organic MCT oil. Organifi is an organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan-friendly meal replacement shake. With this, it easily could be your all-in-one solution for protein and vitamins.

Organifi Complete Protein is packed with a  careful selection of 100% natural ingredients, including:

Monk Fruit: This is an exotic fruit with a sweet flavor and is packed full of antioxidants.
Coconut: Coconut has been used for thousands of years to sweeten dishes. MCT’s within coconuts can boost metabolism, immune function, energy, and help with cravings.

Cinnamon: This spice is known across the world and for good reason. Beside adding some amazing flavor , cinnamon has been known to help with fat-burning, inflammation and a number of other benefits.
Vanilla Bean: Vanilla has an amazing scent and contains calcium, potassium and magnesium which most people aren’t getting enough of. It can also help with balancing out mood and improving energy.

Hemp Protein: People are finally beginning to realize how amazing hemp is and how useful it can be. Our founding fathers in America used Hemp for everything from paper, clothes, and as a protein source. Hemp is one of the best plant based protein sources and adds a flavor similar to almond butters. Hemp is also very easy to digest.
Quinoa Protein: This plant protein has been around for a very long time and it can with repairing cells, enhancing skin and is great for reducing inflammation. Some restaurants are now adding Quinoa to their dishes for a healthy alternative.

Pea Protein: I love peas and try to add them into a few dinners each week. It’s great for people who workout or perform physical type of activities. Peas have a lot of amnio acids which help in cell repair.

Organifi Complete Protein is also USDA Certified Organic, Non GMO, No Diary, No Gluten, No Soy as well as Vegan friendly. Each serving contains 20 grams of plant protein, 2 grams of soluble fiber which is great for digestion and helping to keep you full.  A lot of protein powders trigger digestive problems for some people.

Organifi Complete Protein eliminated this issue by using plant based protein. It also contains 100% of the daily recommendation for Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, B-12, Iron, Selenium and Zinc. 

Let's look at the label:
(Click on the label to enlarge)
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Instead of relying on dairy, soy, or wheat for protein, this shake contains hemp, quinoa, and peas.  Hemp seeds are one of the only complete sources of protein available from a plant. This is rare for plant-based protein. The addition of peas and quinoa adds additional amino acids and anti-inflammatory compounds that could help boost your immune system and repair skin cells.
Vitamins From 100% Real, Whole foods

You get a variety of vitamins from 100% natural foods.
The vegetables and superfoods that are used are carefully dried and then mixed with the other ingredients.

MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) are a source of omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are necessary for optimal physical and mental health.

Getting enough omega-3 fatty acids in your diet may help improve mental focus, muscle recovery, and muscle growth.
Unique Digestive Enzyms: Included are plant based digestive enzymes to help break down and absorb the nutrients. This also helps prevent indigestion and bloating.

Orangifi's careful selection of ingredients is available in two flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla; both are delicious.  

The creators of Organifi have truly made a 2-in-1 Protein and Multi-vitamin shake with less than the cost of a protein bar, with 5X's the Health Benefits.  

Who Created Organifi Complete Protein?
Organifi and their products were founded by Drew Canole. Drew is a health and fitness expert with a popular blog show called Fit Life TV.

Drew Canole has dedicated his life to helping mothers lose weight and reach optimal health, through the power of juicing vegetables and Superfoods.

Drew and his team have also released the Organifi Green Juice. 

Each of Organifi's products are all natural and provide a simple and convenient way to optimize the nutrition in your diet.
So let's Sum it up and discuss the Pro's and Con's

There are several benefits that make Ogranifi Complete Protein different than other protein shakes and meal replacements.

Organifi is made from 100% natural ingredients. The protein, vitamins, and MCT oil is derived from 100% plant-based sources.  This makes Organifi an organic product and suitable for anyone on any diet – including vegans and Paleo dieters.

It’s convenient by enabling you to get your protein and vitamins all at once. In this busy world it can be touch to enjoy constantly healthy meals throughout the day, and missing out on key nutrients can take its toll on your health.
It is easily digested.  By adding digestive enzymes, Organifi really separates itself in a good way.  These enzymes aid digestion and the absorption of the nutrients found in the protein powder.  This ensures that you get as much nutrition from each shake as possible.

They offer a Risk FREE Trial.  You can test this meal replacement for yourself without any risk.  They have a 100% money back guarantee.   Try it out for 30 days and If you’re not happy, they will refund all of your money. 

There is really only 2 drawbacks to Organifi Complete Protein that I have found and one of them is only a perceived drawback by those who don't take a closer look.

The first one (the one that is really not a drawback) is, some people might be put off by the cost.  With the minimum purchase each meal cost's $2.65.  Where else can you get a complete, healthy, nutritious meal for that low of a cost.  You can also save money by purchasing more than one bottle at a time or with a subscription which brings the cost per shake down to around $2.00.

The other potential drawback is the company has a limited supply due to the fact that all ingredients are organic and natural.  The products on the market can produce substantially more with all the chemical concoctions and artificial ingredients. 
This can effectively be avoided by signing up for a subscription plan.  With this, you will continue to receive your monthly supply as well as lock in their introductory purchase price, if and when prices raise, which they inevitably do.
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