Groundbreaking Weight Loss Program Guarantees 16 Lost Pounds in Just 14 Days!
At a time when the majority of mainstream diets are “time-consuming, inefficient, and just plain ineffective,” a new diet plan is turning heads for producing incredibly fast results.

Developed by health and nutrition coach and personal trainer Brian Flatt, The 2 Week Diet harnesses the body’s natural biology to melt away one to two pounds of stubborn body fat every single day for the first seven days. Then the dieter loses another three-quarter to one full pound of fat every day in the week that follows.

“Yes, those results are typical,” Flatt said. “This diet has proven effective for thousands of people. “It doesn’t matter if you are an ‘average Joe’ or a celebrity, this diet can work for you. It doesn’t require hours in the gym or expensive shakes, replacement meals, and supplements.”

The key to rapid weight loss is a diet that focuses on reducing and eliminating cellular inflammation, which is a poorly-understood, but major contributor to weight gain.

Another critical focus of the diet is hormone control. The interaction between hormones and certain types of calories can prevent weight loss for even the most dedicated of dieters.

“The conventional wisdom of “Eat less, exercise more’ is poor science. It lacks the subtlety necessary to produce results for the large variety of body types out there,” Flatt said. “Too many people are wasting too much money and time on diets that are designed to fail. That’s why I developed this new approach to weight loss.”

The program has been working so well that some people have been contacting Flatt, concerned about the dangers of rapid weight loss.

“The fact is, in a decade of rigorous research, I have found zero safety data warning dieters about losing weight quickly,” Flatt said. “Instead, most studies deal with the methods by which weight loss is achieved — not the speed at which the weight comes off.”

The true danger, it seems, is simply not losing weight at all.

“As it stands, obesity is the #2 cause of preventable deaths in the United States. Being overweight increases your risk of numerous diseases and negative health conditions, including several types of cancers (breast, colon, etc.), coronary heart disease, type 1 diabetes, sleep apnea, gallbladder disease, stroke, hypertension, osteoarthritis and many others. Considering these facts, I believe it makes sense to get rid of excess weight as fast as possible.”

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About Fitness TRUTHS
The fitness industry is full of more lies, myths, and total B.S. half truths than nearly any industry on the planet.

Consumer's are so misinformed thanks to all the opportunity seekers that want a piece of this 4 billion dollar per year industry, They have no interest BUT to make a quick buck.

There are over 1200 diet books in print.....

And guess what????

It's not working.

As a fitness professional and someone who is dedicated to TRUTH in this industry, I'm looking forward to helping you sort these out.

Here's to Truth!

- Aaron

About the Author: Aaron Ellis

Aaron has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years.  In this time he has developed training and nutrition programs for everyone form Professional Athletes and Celebrities to your average everyday person just wanting to achieve better health.....
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