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The fitness industry is full of more lies, myths, and total B.S. half truths than nearly any industry on the planet.

Consumer's are so misinformed thanks to all the opportunity seekers that want a piece of this 4 billion dollar per year industry, They have no interest BUT to make a quick buck.

There are over 1200 diet books in print..... And guess what????

It's not working!

As a fitness professional and someone who is dedicated to TRUTH in this industry, I look forward to helping you sort these out.

Here's to Truth!
Aaron Ellis has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. In this time he has developed training and nutrition programs for everyone form Professional Athletes and Celebrities to your average everyday person just wanting to achieve better health.

With a desire to help as many people as possible, in 2010, Aaron developed an all-encompassing health and fitness program that has helped over 5000 people learn proper exercise and nutrition habits, expand their mindfulness to get into and maintain the best shape of their lives.

In teaching clients "the how and why of exercise and nutrition", with a focus on preventative care, Aaron has seen countless clients go from diabetic or pre-diabetic to no longer being diagnosed as diabetic.

Other of his clients no longer need blood pressure and cholesterol medications or asthma inhalers. He has developed methods that guide clients through various challenges they may be facing such as injury rehabilitation, sugar avoidance, and lifestyle changes to stay off drugs; pharmaceutical or otherwise.

By following his methods, Aaron's clients have formed better bonds with their physicians and experienced a sense of well-being paired with a desire to conquer fears and do things they never imagined possible.

Once the mindset is set in place, Aaron's program truly generalizes across a person's life.
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